Interior & Exterior Protection

Keep your car beautiful inside and out

Interior & Exterior Protection will fix minor knocks to your car’s good looks.

M-Sure will help to fix minor scratches, dings and chips.

When wear-and-tear or life happens we’ll organise the repairs, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Is our Interior & Exterior Protection not what you’re looking for?

How do you benefit from
Interior & Exterior Protection?

  • Keep your car in showroom condition and optimise your resale value
  • You can claim every 90 days when the payout refreshes
  • Only qualified technicians in our repairer network will work on your car
  • You don’t have to involve your insurer
  • If you don’t claim, you qualify for a paintwork treatment or air conditioner regas.
Various payment options:

Monthly (through our call centre), an upfront payment added to your finance agreement or once-off EFT

Case in point –
How does Interior & Exterior Protection benefit Ramesh?

Ramesh has always loved to keep his cars looking beautiful. Every Saturday he washes, waxes and polishes his cars, including the latest addition – a sports model.

When a sudden hail storm passes over while the car is still parked outside, Ramesh is sad about the damage but not shaken because it is not too bad. Besides, he likes to be prepared for when life happens and has Interior & Exterior Protection from M-Sure.

One phone call plus a visit to a reputable repairer later, and the niggles on his car are repaired. Ramesh’s ride is looking as pretty as a picture again.

The small print

  • Maintenance and restoration benefits are only available within the borders of the Republic of South Africa
  • Various solution options to choose from
  • The benefits of this plan activate 30 days after its purchase
  • This plan only applies to you and your car. It may not be changed to a new owner or any other car
  • If you do not claim any maintenance and restoration services within a 2 year period, you will be entitled to:
    • one paintwork treatment*, or
    • one air conditioner regassing*.

* These bonus services must be requested within 30 days after the end of the plan.

Eligible vehicles:

This plan is only available for passenger vehicles, 4x4s and light commercial vehicles with a maximum gross vehicle mass (GVM) of 3 500 kg

Cover is not available for:

Vehicles used for any sort or form of transporting people for a reward, hired vehicles, rebuilt vehicles (Code 3), and vehicles that are, or have been, used in any form of motoring competitions, motorcycles, caravans, trailers, and canopies

You are not covered for:
  • Any claims for any benefits made prior to the start date of the plan or after termination, cancellation, expiry or lapsing of the plan
  • Mechanical breakdown or electrical failure or breakage
  • Repairs requiring stripping or assembling parts or any bodywork that does not expressly fall within the scope of maintenance and restoration benefits provided
  • Repairs and replacement of cracked, ripped, or torn panels
  • Damage to any stickers, artwork, and vehicle branding
  • Any maintenance and restoration service requiring the replacement of a body panel or part thereof
  • Gradually developing causes such as rusting, fading, peeling of paint, cracked, or faded paintwork, or any gradually developing cause.

Which parts are provided for in Interior & Exterior Protection?

Click on an icon below to read more about the specific part:
Dashboard Dashboard The dashboard of your car can easily become damaged and make the car look used. We can help you take care of a scuff or scratch less than 15 cm wide and less than 1 mm deep (excluding the airbag panel area).
Door panel plastic Door panel plastic The door panel plastic of your car can get damaged. We can assist with repairing and respraying scratches and scuff marks that are less than 15 cm wide and less than 1 mm deep.
Gear lever boot Gear lever boot The gear lever boot of your car gets worn out after time and will look old and used. We will take care of rips and tears that are less than 5 cm wide.
Light scratches Light scratches Fixing light scratches will make the car look as good as new and increase the resale value. We will fix a scratch that is less than 15 cm in length or the area is less than 15 cm in diameter.
Minor dents Minor dents Fixing minor dents will improve the overall look of your car. If the dent is 15 cm in diameter and the panel has not been ripped, perforated or torn, we will assist with fixing these.
Seat stitch Seat stitch Sometimes the stitching of your seats become undone. Restitching the seats will make sure the material stays intact and looks good. Where the damage is repairable, seat stitches less than 7,5 cm will be restitched.
Wheel rims and mag wheels Wheel rims and mag wheels We will definitely restore the car’s wheel rims or mag wheels if they sustain scratches, stone chips, or paint defects. Replacement of wheel rims or mag wheels is excluded.
Windscreen damage Windscreen damage It is necessary to have clear vision when driving and this is done through a windscreen. If there is damage it becomes a hazard to drive. We will take care of the windscreen, headlamps and related glass if it is chipped and can be repaired. If the windscreen cracks during the repair process, you will be responsible for the replacement costs of the windscreen.

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Interior & Exterior Protection FAQs

How often can Ramesh have his car’s interior and exterior repaired?

Interior & Exterior Protection is designed to keep cars in great condition for up to 48 months. The payout limits refresh every 90 days.

Does Ramesh need to claim from his insurance to cover the costs of repair?

Interior & Exterior Protection looks after the costs of most small maintenance and restoration repairs without the need to get your insurance involved where you will have to pay an excess.
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