For cars and
their people

Smart solutions for every mobility lifestyle

Go on a Sunday drive – we’ve got a plan to keep your car purring like a kitten

Take the scenic route – we’ve got a warranty to guard against the unexpected

Conquer the dirt road – we’ll keep the interior and exterior looking good

We are proud of

our heritage

For the past 20 years, M-Sure has been focused on providing the best Value Added Products (VAPS) to our clients. Previously known as Regent VAPS and SA Warranties, the coming together of these two powerful brands led to a new brand with a shared vision of driving smart solutions in the automotive industry in South Africa.
It’s a brand that’s built on the shoulders of giants.

We keep you


Our primary goal is to keep you moving forward in the mobility lifestyle you want with a broad selection of tailored, smart solutions from our expert mobility team. M-Sure’s technology, how we do business and our commitment to our network, dealers and clients, ensure your car always gets what it needs when it’s needed.

You are our

top priority

Our smart solutions focus on cars and your mobility lifestyle, but our approach is all about people. We treat our clients as individuals, because we know that personal service and humanity are the major forces driving change. Our partners and clients are part of our industry family and our ambition is to assist them in achieving their goals and dreams in the mobility world.

We don’t compromise on


Innovation and excellence are part of our DNA. Every day is a new opportunity to think out of the box and deliver creative solutions. We continuously strive to meet – and exceed – the expectations of our partners, clients and stakeholders making sure you receive the quality you and your car deserves.

We care about our

people and community

We do what we can to uplift and assist our society through various initiatives. We are particularly passionate about assisting those with physical disabilities. Together with the Ann Harding Cheshire Home we create employment opportunities through which people can reach their full potential.

As human mobility experts, we offer a wide variety of crafted solutions ensuring your car is always taken care of and you can live the mobility lifestyle you want.