Deposit Cover

Cover that gives you cash for a replacement car deposit

Deposit Cover is the light at the end of the tunnel.

M-Sure pays out 10% of the original purchase amount when your car is stolen or hijacked (and not recovered) or written off.

We help with cash, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Is our Deposit Cover not what you’re looking for?

How do you benefit from
Deposit Cover?

  • You get cash if your car is gone (stolen, hijacked or written off)
  • You can use this cash for a deposit, shortfall or extras on your new car or even a holiday
  • You will get paid whether your car is new or pre-owned, paid off or financed
  • Your family will be provided for with an accident benefit if you die or are permanently disabled.
Affordable monthly payment options

Case in point –
How does Deposit Cover benefit Jerome?

Jerome uses all his cash and savings to buy new wheels at a reputable pre-owned dealership. The purchase price for the car is R240 000. He also gets a Deposit Cover policy from M-Sure that will pay out 10% of his purchase price if his car is stolen, hijacked or written off. Even though he already paid off his car, he is able to pay for this policy monthly.

One night on his way home from work, Jerome is hijacked at a red traffic light. The hijackers take his awesome car! Jerome is unnerved, but thankfully, unharmed. The light at the end of the tunnel is that Deposit Cover pays Jerome 10% of the initial purchase price of R240 000, which leaves him with an amount of R24 000 to put down as a deposit on another ride.

The small print

Eligible vehicles:
  • Private motor vehicles, light delivery vehicles with a gross vehicle mass of no more than 3 500 kg
  • Motorcycles, caravans, trailers with a carrying capacity of not more than 750 kg
  • Taxis with a gross vehicle mass of no more than 8 700 kg used for transporting paying passengers for social, domestic and pleasure purposes
  • Commercial vehicles with a gross vehicle mass in excess of 1 500 kg and up to a maximum of 8 700 kg.

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Deposit Cover FAQs

Who can get Deposit Cover?

Deposit Cover is for cash or financed car buyers. The important part is the initial purchase price of the car as this will determine what the 10% payout will be if disaster strikes.

When does Deposit Cover kick in?

Deposit Cover activates when your car is gone – stolen, hijacked or written off. If this event caused accidental death or permanent disability, the personal accident benefit will also kick in.

What can Jerome use the 10% Deposit Cover payout for?

Jerome can assess his needs and decide what to use the money for. He can use it as a deposit on a replacement car, to cover his shortfall, or to pay for a holiday.
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